About Us

Foodistan Foodies is a food blog started by Vishal Kangane and Aditi Kangane. Our love and passion for cooking and trying variety of food cuisines inspired us to start food blogging. And that’s when we- the foodies decided to start our own food blog Foodistan Foodies.
Along with this food blog, we have also started our YouTube channel, Instagram IGTV, Facebook page, Pinterest page and Twitter handle.

If you are a true foodie, then you’ll surely love Foodistan Foodies as we’ll showcase the variety food cuisines from different geogrphic regions. Every week we are going to come up with mouth-watering food recipe articles, cooking videos and food pictures. We are also going to write about cooking tips, best restaurants and food joints to visit in India and much more.
So foodies, if you have cravings for delicious and mouth-watering food items, and if you are ready to taste the world cuisine, then this food blog is for you.
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*Note: We’ll review restaurants and food joints. We’ll review food and drink items. There might be chances that our reviews and your opinion about the same is different. This can happen as each person has different taste buds and liking towards food.